Historic Virginia Key Beach Park

South Florida SPCA is very excited to participate in this year’s 5kPARKfest, a unique festival that provides an easy way to raise money and awareness for South Florida causes while inspiring people to PARK (Perform Acts of Random Kindness).

Half of your $40 registration fee goes directly to South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue when you join our team. The concept is simple, the bigger the team, the more we fundraise… together!
Our goal: $5,000!

It is not a timed 5K, the concept is “Kindness over Kilometers” with a route that includes stops to perform acts of random kindness, or “PARK.” You don’t have to run!

Can’t be there in person? No problem! You can be a VIRTUAL PARKticipant! You’ll get an event t-shirt and instructions on random acts of kindness to perform, and still help the team.

Click http://5kparkfest.com/teams/horse-heroes/ to learn more and join!